Sunday 8 November 2009


Group exhibition at Anda De Bridge
Private View 16th November / 6pm
16/11/09 - 18/11/09 

Seung Pyo Hong 
Kate Pickering
Tete de Alencar

Elisabeth Del Prete /

Anda De Bridge, 42-44 Kingsland Rd, London, E2 8DA

Announcing Whatever You Think, Think the Opposite at Anda de Bridge, exhibiting work by ACM, Seng Pyo Hong, Kate Pickering and Tete de Alencar. The exhibition features installation, photography and painting. 

The concept of the exhibition is inspired by Paul Arden's book, a former Creative Director at Saatchi & Saatchi. With his provocative approach he offers advice aimed at challenging preexisting opinions.


"The achievement of failure"

"Whose opinion are you thinking?"

"What is a good idea? One that happens is. If it doesn't, it isn't"


Whatever You Think, Think the Opposite presents Arden's theory of the opposite and offers a platform of four distinctive practices characterised by the use of paradox, juxtaposition and irony in order to revise what we hold as 'common sense' inside and outside the art world. 

Kate Pickering

Kate's interest lies in how the language of religion may be used to both examine and undo art world norms and assumptions. The site specific text workHow To Be Good makes explicit the multiple and contradictory unspoken ideas about what might be acceptable art, turning them into a list of commandment-like rules. 

Tete de Alencar

Working with disposable cameras, Tete's installation Flocked Cameras creates an opposition between the camera itself, made into a colourful and desirable object, and the film inside of it, containing secret pictures.

Cinderella Flash was made as part of the Fashion Weak Project, in which Tete visited high class fashion stores in London, Paris and New York. During her performances, documented with clandestine pictures taken in changing rooms, Tete succeeded in trying on clothes she could not afford.



ACM exposes an elegant and provocative piece of work Eloge de la Forme Ronde, where an optical illusion together with a representational metaphor of the opposite has blended into a vision of appeal and sensuality. 


Seung Pyo Hong

Attracted by Charles Darwin’s theory On the Origin of Species, Seung Pyo's paintings involve the designing of animal organs based on a drawing composition of machines and human figures. 

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