Friday 22 January 2010

Hello everybody,

Finally it is online... I am delighted to introduce my new photo series « Fly-Jack »

                          voir l'image en grand

             [ Fly-Jack : the operation of hijacking fly-posters ]

Everything began deep underground... (the London Underground!)

Attracted by the beauty of the scratched advertising panels, the idea soon came to me to capture the most enigmatic of these.

My intention is to rehabilitate what is quickly forgotten, and give a new life to these fragments of decayed paper.

You can view them on the link below (and there is an exclusive offer to buy them from Showcase London... ;)

Fly-Jack by ACM

If you would like more information about this series, or my other work, please give me a call.

Colleen Morice

+44 (0) 796 3655 246

Thank you for your attention and Happy New Year!


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